Trailers are produced in various sizes and capacities according to the size of the load to be transported. Trailers are vehicles that are widely used in various business sectors and facilitate cargo transportation. They are used to transport farm equipment by connecting to tractors in the agricultural sector, materials and heavy loads in the construction sector, and materials and products in the trade sector. Small size trailers are ideal for gardening, small loads and personal use. Medium-sized trailers are capable of transporting medium-sized agricultural and building materials. On the other hand, large-sized trailers can carry large loads such as heavy industry products, construction materials, vehicles.

Trailer Types;

Light tower trailers: They are trailers carrying height-adjustable lighting towers, used in outdoor activities, construction sites or emergency situations where the need for lighting is intense.

Mini construction equipment trailers: They are trailers designed for the transport of mini construction equipment used in small-scale construction and excavation works.

Military trailers: Trailers designed to transport military cargo, equipment and vehicles, generally equipped with durable and safe features.

Generator trailers: They are trailers designed for the transportation and use of generators used as a mobile energy source.

Rock and flatbed trailers: They are trailers designed to carry open loads, with boxes that can be opened to the side of the carrier platform above, or with curtains that open from the sides.

Turntable trailers: They are trailers that provide safer and easier maneuvering by adapting to the rotational movements of the vehicle.